Trademark Law.

A key sector of intellectual property law is the protection of trademarks and commercial designations, particularly within the framework of trademark law. Here, your trademarks, your company symbols, or your domains can be protected to the effect that only you are entitled to use your registered commercial designations for your company, and your competitors can be excluded therefrom. Our services include support in designing your commercial designation, filing trademark applications and taking action against registered trademarks of your competitors within the scope of trademark opposition and/or cancellation proceedings.

Our Team of Patent Attorneys specialised in commercial designation rights will be glad to advise and support you both in proceedings at the German Patent and Trademark Office and at the EUIPO in Alicante. Apart from assistance in the design of your trademark, we will prepare a catalogue of the goods and/or services to be protected by the trademark with you so that your sign covers your products and your business activities to the best possible extent. Subsequently, we will accompany you and your application through the registration proceedings up to the registered proprietary right.

Well-known commercial designations constitute effective identification means of successful companies and are therefore frequently imitated by competitors in an illegal manner. Within an opposition period of three months, the registration of trademarks can be opposed with reference to existing prior rights and/or absolute grounds for refusing registration. Furthermore, there is the possibility of an action for cancellation against registered commercial designations even after the expiry of this period. A group of our Patent Attorneys is specialised in bilateral proceedings in trademark law and will be by your side with our experience to ensure that your commercial designation will be an exclusive identification mark of your company.

Apart from investigations in the field of patents for identifying the relevant prior art, comprehensive investigations are necessary particularly in the field of labelling law to optimally avoid opposition or adversary proceedings already in advance. Our experienced Team will effectively and quickly perform searches in the field of trademarks for you before filing your trademark applications to present you a comprehensive picture of the existing intellectual property rights, and advise you on the optimum course of action for achieving the best possible protection of your company symbol.