Licencing Law

Potent intellectual property rights cannot only constitute the basis of a judicial enforcement of your rights, but also offer the basis for mutual agreements with competitors within the framework of licence agreements. We will be glad to provide you with individual and competent support in the preparation of draft agreements and/or the revision of draft agreements already available to you to assist you in achieving the optimum agreement for you.

Licence agreements constitute an essential instrument in the field of intellectual property. Since central and substantial intellectual property rights which have sparked the interest of competitors may constitute the basis for licence agreement negotiations. In this connection, it is important for the contractual partner to achieve the maximum negotiation success and to be capable of acting from a secure legal position after the conclusion of the agreement. Our competent Team of Experts will be glad to advise you individually, on a case-specific basis, or within the scope of larger licence portfolios in the preparation of licence negotiations, in drafting licence agreements, or in reviewing licence agreement proposals already submitted to you so that you achieve the maximum entrepreneurial success after the successful conclusion of the licence negotiations.