The IP Firm.

Protection of intellectual property
The IP Firm "Dr. Schön, Neymeyr & Partner” was founded by Dr. Christoph Schön and Ulrich Neymeyr in 2011 and is situated in the heart of Munich in immediate proximity to the European Patent Office, the Regional Courts Munich I and II, as well as the German Patent and Trademark Office.

The Motivation

… for founding the IP Firm “Dr. Schön, Neymeyr & Partner Patentanwälte” was the commitment of personal und personalised patent attorney services meeting the highest standards to domestic and international clients of any scale and from any entrepreneurial sector to be capable of comprehensively satisfying their requirements and demands.

Core area patent grant procedures

Apart from the support of our clients in patent grant procedures at the European Patent Office or the German Patent and Trademark Office, a particular core area of our work resides in the representation of our clients in bilateral objection and patent nullity proceedings in which we optimally advise our clients drawing on our unique experience.

Native-speaking colleagues from Asian countries

Particularly for our clients from Asian countries, we can also offer support in the respective national languages Japanese, Korean or Chinese owing to our native-speaking Colleagues to thereby specifically convey the intricacies and particularities of German or European patent law in the communication with our clients.

Direct and personal contact to our clients

Moreover, also the direct contact and the personal relationship to our clients are of central importance to us. We therefore visit our clients during our annual business travels and hold lectures on the latest patent law-related developments in the respective areas of expertise. Seminars, workshops, and training courses in the video conference format are, in the present situation, also an integral part of our work so as to be capable of conveying the further developments in intellectual property law to our clients.

The variance of the fields of activity

From our foundation in 2011, our Company Philosophy has attracted the interest of many new clients from a wide variety of business sectors. On this basis, our IP Firm has grown rapidly and does now employ German Patent Attorneys and European Patent Attorneys from all faculties of natural sciences from chemistry and biotechnology to engineering and electrical engineering.
It is needless to say that, apart from the representation of our clients in the domain of patent law, we also offer advice and support in the other sectors of intellectual property law such as trademark law, design law, as well as licencing law.