UPC announces further postponement of its launch

Although the UPC repeatedly confirmed until November 2022 that the launch date of the UPC, which was scheduled to open its doors on April 1, 2023, would be maintained, a recent statement published on the official UPC website announced that the beginning of the “sunrise period” and, therefore, the launch of the UPC will be -once more- postponed for another two months to March 1 and June 1, 2023, respectively.

The reasons for the further delay were explained to be linked to the high number of complaints from professional representatives all over Europe, who struggled to implement the requirements for the new strong authentication identification requirement which will be fundamental to access the Case Management System of the UPC and to electronically sign documents therein. The new strong authentication identification requirement is the result of EU Regulations and is based on the presence of a client authentication hardware device only obtainable from certain EU-certified providers and on a certain type of qualified electronic signature.

For the sake of information, please be informed that all our qualified experts which are admitted to representation before the UPC are already equipped with the required devices to provide an authentication according to the required EU standard.

Therefore, your attorneys at Dr. Schoen, Neymeyr & Partner will be readily able to assist you and your client immediately with all procedures before the UPC from the first day of the “sunrise period”.

If you have any questions or wish to obtain advice regarding the impact of the launch of the UPC on your intellectual property rights, please do not hesitate to contact your usual attorney of the highly experienced team of Dr. Schön, Neymeyr & Partner mbB or email us via mail@schoen-partner.de.

Please rest assured that we will keep you duly informed about any new developments in this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Christoph Schön

European Patent Litigator